Vezet - taxi order service


app for clients; app for drivers


make both applications attractive and user-friendly, set up analytics, fix bugs


  • - the project is completely rewritten from Java to Kotlin
  • - mass cleaning of bugs and crashes
  • - refactoring, code adaptation for new, more recent algorithms and libraries
  • - added 5 new sections
  • - developed interactive - mini game for the new year
  • - a large number of analytics integrated: Amplitude, AppMetrika, Branch, AppsFlyer, Google Analytics, etc.

Project term:

18 months


Kotlin, Clean + MVP, Moxy, Retrofit + Ok HTTP + JSON, Room, Glide, Cicerone


  • - significantly improved and optimized user functions of the application
  • - Retention and session duration increased
  • - Numerous positive feedbacks from customers and drivers.